(Grades 9 12; Prerequisite: Latin I or equivalent*; 4 periods/week; full year; 1 credit)
By the end of the third volume of the OLC students meet all the major grammar and syntax (e.g., the subjunctive mood and constructions, gerunds and gerundives, conditional clauses, and the ablative absolute) necessary to read Latin literature with some fluency. In this volume Horace returns from Greece, is introduced to the literary patron Mæcenas, and gradually comes to know both Augustus and the challenges which face his rule, from rebuilding the state to quelling Cleopatra; thus Horace is placed in his true literary and historical context. Interspersed with the grammatical exercises and prose narrative are several of Horace’s original poems, which embrace the perennial questions of love and war, the monumental and the commonplace in our lives, jealousy and contentment.

Text: The Oxford Latin Course, part III (2nd edition).

*NOTE: Students who satisfactorily complete Latin 7 & Latin 8 may progress to Latin II in the ninth grade. Graduation credit the foreign language requirement is only earned on completing Latin II.